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Santai Memorial: Batik Tulis Designer

Beberapa minggu lepas aku ada menceritakan tentang batik tulis PERDA kan? Ok. Kat sini ada lagi satu berita best. Especially tentang batik tulis dan bekas pelukis/pelajar batik tulis PERDA.

Roslan Hussain atau lebih dikenali sebagai Ross dan rakan seperjuangannya Mohd Yusoff (Uncle Chop).

'Pucuk Rebung' Help Revive Roslan's Fortune

Designer Roslan Hussain says he likes to experiment with batik motifs that reflect Islamic culture. Pix: Nurul Halawati Azhari
By Nurul Halawati Azhari

PENANG, April 18 (Bernama) -- Pucuk Rebung (bamboo shoot) means a lot to Roslan Hussain, as it reflects the 36-year-old designer's comeback in the fashion industry.

Roslan is no stranger to fine arts aficionados in Penang but he still considers himself a novice in the batik fashion industry.

"It is not easy to create a name for myself in this industry as there are already a number of established local labels and quite a number of these designers have succeeded, particularly those operating in Kuala Lumpur.

"I used to own a boutique in Kuala Lumpur, unfortunately the business folded", said Roslan, who ventured into the art of batik painting at the tender age of 18.

Roslan, who makes regular appearances at fine arts expositions in the 'Pearl of the Orient', along with his contemporaries, said he gained satisfaction at being able to express his feelings on the canvas.

Each touch and stroke of the brush brings a sense of gratification in putting imagination and creativity onto canvas, he told Bernama when met at the Penang Handicraft office here recently.


Roslan said he likes to experiment with batik motifs that reflect Islamic culture.

But he does not stop there. Via the Pucuk Rebung label, Roslan also dabbles in contemporary batik artwork.

"Foreign tourists like batik designs, unfortunately the response from the locals is not very inspiring", said Roslan who hails from Tasek Chempedak, Butterworth in Penang.

Roslan created Pucuk Rebung Enterprise some eight years ago and the label have made inroads in the interior design industry.

Looking back, Roslan said he had stumbled twice in his career as a fashion designer but that did not deter him from continuing his struggle in the industry.


Roslan's batik creations proved to be a hit among foreign tourists who went frequent public attractions like Batu Feringgi on the island.

But, Roslan still harbours hope of making it big and has not given up on his dream of expanding his business to Kuala Lumpur.

"The market there (Kuala Lumpur) is bigger and ideal for me to experiment. The creations would be more daring, like a corduroy bolero jacket for office attire," he said.

Roslan who came from a poor family said he has not looked back since he first started using the brush to dabble in batik artwork some two decades ago.

"Those early days were difficult, but I moved on despite not having any formal education neither in art nor fashion-designing. Whatever I had was learnt through experience," he said.


For arts enthusiasts and those looking for refreshing fashion designs, Roslan's works could be what they are looking for.

"I hope the public will accept my designs. I prefer modern and current designs but I still infuse elements of Malay culture in my creations, in the form of batik motifs", he said.

He said the main challenge for fashion designers and batik artists is in marketing their creations.

Roslan, who considers himself as still 'green' in the entrepreneurial sector, said the scope for batik promotions in the Peninsula's northern states is rather limited compared to Kuala Lumpur.

However with marketing efforts and assistance from Kraftangan Pulau Pinang and the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, there are opportunities for young entrepreneurs like Roslan.

Roslan, who is a finalist in the 2004 edition of the Seri Endon competition for batik designers, is participating in the National Craft Day exposition held by the ministry at the Malaysian Handicraft Complex, Jalan Conlay here.

For those interested in fine arts and contemporary batik creations, Roslan is available at 04-5880360 or 012-4670341. He can also be found at his workshop at 325, Tasek Chempedak, 14100 Simpang Empat, Seberang Perai Selatan.


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