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Windows Startup Showdown: Windows 7 Preview Boots 20% Faster Than Vista

Windows Startup Showdown: Windows 7 Preview Boots 20% Faster Than Vista

Microsoft says that "a very good system boots in under 15 seconds,"
and while the early-release Windows 7 Preview doesn't deliver a sub-15
second boot time, it does start 20% faster than Windows Vista on my
computer. The only way to truly compare boot-up times between operating
systems is to try them out on the same exact hardware, and as
of today I'm triple-booting XP, Vista, and the Windows 7 Preview on a
newly-built PC. The results? Windows 7 boots much faster than Windows
Vista—but surprisingly, no faster than Windows XP. Here are my exact
numbers, machine specs, and caveats.

The hardware: My test system has an Intel Core 2 Duo
processor running at 3.16GHz with 4GB of RAM. The only difference
between XP, Vista, and the Windows 7 Preview is that Win7 is installed
on an IDE hard drive, and XP and Vista are booting from SATA drives.
That puts Win7 at a slight disadvantage because IDE drives are not as
performant as SATA. Also: the version of Windows 7 that I'm using is
the Preview release from last month's PDC conference,
an incomplete, earlier-than-beta, for-testers-only edition. One can
only assume it will get better (read:faster) in the final release.

The test: Since I'm triple-booting the three operating
systems, I used a simple handheld timer to get my numbers, starting at
the "Choose your operating system" screen (which comes after the BIOS
startup) and ending at the user login screen. These tests do not
include the amount of time it takes to load the user's desktop, because
that depends entirely on what's in your Windows startup. This is
simple, pure, operating system boot here—no desktop or BIOS involved.

Here are my final numbers from starting the three operating systems on the same box and timing them:

Operating SystemTime to reach user login prompt
Windows 7 Ultimate

(Preview, PDC edition)
27 seconds
Windows Vista Ultimate34 seconds
Windows XP Professional27 seconds

Final result: The Windows 7 Preview boots 20.6% faster than
Windows Vista, but in exactly the same amount of time as Windows XP.
Because of the slower IDE drive on my test system, and the preview
status of Windows 7, it's very probable that Win7 will be even faster
than XP in its final releases.

On a related note, only 23% of you said your computer boots up in under 30 seconds, so it sounds like "faster boot time" might be one of the less sexy but much-appreciated features coming in Windows 7.

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