Ahad, 8 Jun 2008

My Contribution

It's been a year and a half i've been working with EGL and now knowing as CEVA Logistics. From the first day joined, i've never expected that what i've got today. Of course it's not about proud and being proud. But the opportunity that they've given to me to improve myself and my knowledge.

Tomorrow, for the second time, aku akan ditugaskan di CEVA Warehouse at Bukit Minyak. For three days. Same like before when that time, i've to travel to Pasir Gudang, Johor for special task. Team with 12 members for Inventory Count for Titan Chemicals. Totally adventured. And i don't think that for three days coming same like Titan. Why? Instinct says: Tomorrow more to re-arrange and re-entry in to the system. Not Inventory Count. And no need to stay till late night. Hark! Hark! Hark! Is it true? I don't know. Just wait and see.

Euro 2008 has begun. Selalunya aku jarang sangat nak layan. Tapi, last night i'm too excited sangat nak tengok. Pastinya bila Checzh Rep. pula yang membuka tirai perlawanan menentang tuan rumah Switzerland. Pastinya sokongan aku pada Cech tu. Entah kenapa aku tak minat langsung pada Switz. Dan pagi esoknya ada lagi satu perlawanan yang sangat menarik perhatian aku, pastinya Germany. Sejak dari Piala Dunia dan Euro, pasukan pilihan aku hanyalah Germany. Germany The Only. Kenapa ye? Entah la. Tapi aku suka sangat dengan team Germany nih. Banyak yang nak aku story kan. Tapi nanti lari pulak dari tajuk asal. My Contribution.

Tapi kebelakangan ni, macam ada yang tak kena. Not very sure, samada syarikat yang ada masalah atau pengurusan yang macam ada yang tak kena. Back to track. My team akan menjalankan tugas khas kat Warehouse Bukit Minyak, di mana CEVA has been awarded by DELL to storage their products there. So, they need more manpower to handle. Nowadays, cuma ada seorang Logistics Senior Executive and three woman more to Customer Service. So, how they want to handle those these things. And they request us (special task team) to come down to Bukit Minyak to support them. This is an opportunity to us to give the best what we've got. If DELL project success. We also success. And the main reason things is. An Honor to us. The trust that the company given. But don't think about award. Because they only need help when they're in desperate. They'll forget you when they at the top. Why i'm say so. Because it happen once. I don't want to talk about it.

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