Sabtu, 16 Ogos 2008

EPL - 2008/2009 Is Just To Begin

Premier League akan bermula dalam masa terdekat ini. Malam ini akan bermulalah segalanya. Tumpuan aku... Mestilah Liverpool. So.. Baca sini. Pembuka tirai. Liverpool vs Sunderland. Way to go Liverpool.

Sunderland v Liverpool

A preview of the match between Roy Keane's Sunderland and Rafa Benitez' Liverpool.

This is Sunderland's eighth campaign in the Premier League and they face the Reds on Saturday chasing their 50th league victory over the Merseysiders.

Liverpool kick off the season leading Manchester United by one in terms of league titles (18 to 17), but without having won a major trophy for two seasons.

The Black Cats have failed to score in seven of their last eight Premier League meetings with Liverpool.

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